Alive After Reading Episode 36 – Adam Dreece

This week on Alive After Reading, I talk with Adam Dreece, author of The Yellow Hoods series for all ages, as well as the Wizard Killer books and the Man of Clouds.

It’s a fun conversation, and includes a discussion of the charity Adam is involved with over at

You can also find Adam at his website. Or check out his facebook page at

Last but not least, if you have not read The Mangrove Suite yet, please check it out on Kindle, or in the spiffy new paperback edition.

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Alive After Reading Episode 24- Katherine Dell

This week, Alive After Reading returns with guest, Katherine Dell.

Katherine writes paranormal YA thrillers, including her debut novel, Harmless. It’s a fun conversation, so give it a listen.

Don’t forget, you can also get my books on and across the internet at other ebook stores. My latest is The Mangrove Suite, and my first novel Hunter and Seed just received a little update, so it’s a good place to start reading.

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Alive After Reading Episode 10 – Suzy Vadori

This week, Alive After Reading returns with an interview with young adult author, Suzy Vadori.

Check out Suzy’s intriguing YA novel, The Fountain today!

And don’t forget, your host, Tim Niederriter, has a few giveaways ongoing on instafreebie. Check out that page here.

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