Practice Makes Practice

Hello, readers!

This is Practice Makes Practice, where I discuss my recent writing successes and challenges each week.

Over the past week I have mainly been editing, following revving up to fix issues with the third Pillar Universe book, Ice War. This is the final part of the original story I wrote a few years back. The series begins with Storm Fleet, continues in Flame Wind, and continues further but won’t fully conclude in Ice War. It’s been a fun series to edit, but after this book is done and out I will engage in writing book four and those that come after it.

The thing I’m struck by in this editing process is how much I love these books as I reread them. I paid a lot of attention to detail in the initial writing and it shows, even in a rough draft mired in passive voice. I’m beginning to feel like a pro at fixing passive voice. In fact, rephrasing to create strong sentence is the most fun I have actually changing things in the story.

For the writers out there, I have one small piece of advice, and I know it’s difficult to follow, but if possible: Don’t hate on editing. You can do anything you want in a story. You can make it make sense in edits in addition to all the other wonderful writerly things you can do at this point in the process. If you asked me the question of if I prefer writing or editing, I’d say they’re really the same thing, just with different emphasis. I like, even love them both, when I’m at my best, even if the book is not always great straight out of rough draft.

Speaking of writing, however, I have another novel to dive into now that my editing quota for the day is complete. I want to get to that, and there really isn’t much to add about my practice for this and last week. Thanks for reading.

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