Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 69 – Mutants and Wargames

Hey, everyone, I’m back with a bit of solo episode, a digression from the regular podcast. Here I talk about a way to use Mutants and Masterminds by Green Ronin as a wargame.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 65 – Supplements

This week, Rob and I discuss peripherals and expansion books for your games.

We talk about this online article for city-building in the course of this discussion.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 58 – Wargames and RPGs


Welcome back to Of Mooks and Monsters everybody. It’s me, Tim, and this week on the podcast, Rob and I discuss a mutual passion of ours and how it ties in with roleplaying games. That topic? Wargaming. Give us a listen and if you’re not familiar with this type of game you may even learn something new.

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