Alive After Reading 90 McKensie Stewart


In our final episode of the year, McKensie Stewart joins the podcast.

We talk McKensie’s books, as well as managing different creative tasks including her radio show.

Find McKensie online. Get her book, Shattered, all over, but here is a good place.

Your intrepid host’s new book, Storm Fleet is out now as well. Check it out if you enjoy science fiction adventures!

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Tune in next week for the first show of 2019!

Alive After Reading Episode 59 – Steena Holmes

This week on Alive After Reading, I have an awesome interview with New York Times bestselling author, Steena Holmes. We talk about her books, and how she does her best for her readers each time she writes something new. It was an eye-opening conversation for me as a writer, and I think you’ll all enjoy it.

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Alive After Reading 37 – David Wood

On this episode of Alive After Reading, I have a fun conversation with adventure and thriller author, David Wood.

David runs a very good podcast himself. Check it out here.

Check out David’s site.

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Alive After Reading Episode 13 – Claire and Kate Everward

Today on Alive After Reading, Tim interviews Claire and Kate, the Everward sisters from

Claire writes suspense novels, including the recent¬†Oracle’s Hunt, and Kate manages and publicizes her sister’s books.

They and their mother are currently trying to immigrate to Canada. Read more about their story on their website. Please, help them however you can.

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You can still find Tim’s giveaways on instafreebie, now featuring the complete Rem’s Dream YA novel until July 30th, 2017.

You can find all of Tim’s books on, so check them out too.

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