Alive After Reading 242 Blaze Ward


This week on the podcast, Tim chats with scifi author and returning guest, Blaze Ward who also currently has work in a space opera storybundle if you’re listening to this close to release.

This week’s episode is brought with you, as ever, by your host’s books! Science fiction and fantasy fans will love them.


Storm Fleet Preorder Now Live

I am proud to announce my next novel, Storm Fleet is available now for preorder, releasing December 19th.

The first book in The Pillar Universe series, Storm Fleet is space opera like you’ve never read before. Follow Yajain on her journey and see what I’m raving about, hee hee.

If you love science fiction high on action and adventure, preorder and read it when it launches. Happy holidays and thanks for reading!

Alive After Reading Episode 71 – Patrick Hester

This week on Alive After Reading is an interview with author and podcaster, Patrick Hester. We talk his books, Urban Fantasy, and family size among other things.

Check out Patrick’s books and the Functional Nerds podcast he co-hosts.

While you’re are it, give my books a try. fantasy and science fiction stories on

Thanks for listening!

Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 16 – The Big Event


The showdown. The tense mission. The battle.

Drama. Action.

Sometimes roleplaying sessions center around big events.

This week, Rob and Tim discuss when, why, and how to run these big events as a game master.

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