Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 73 – Understanding Rules with Savage Worlds

Welcome back, everyone! It’s our final episode of the year, folks.

For this one, Rob asks me a few questions about how one learns a new RPG one is planning to run.

It’s been a good year for Of Mooks and Monsters. Thanks to all you listeners, and hope to hear from you in 2018. You can email the show at podcast@mentalcellarpublications.com and let us know what you want to hear on the show.

Thanks, and happy new year.


Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 65 – Supplements

This week, Rob and I discuss peripherals and expansion books for your games.

We talk about this online article for city-building in the course of this discussion.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 61 – Where Mechanics End

We’ve talked a little about rules on Of Mooks and Monsters from time to time. But what about situations outside of the rules, and events that defy mechanics altogether?

This week, Rob and Tim explore where the mechanics end.

We hope you enjoy our conversation!

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Thanks for listening.

Of Mooks and Monsters 59 – Writing Your Own Rules


Hey everyone, Tim here.

This week on Of Mooks and Monsters, Rob and I discuss one of my favorite parts of game mastering: writing new rules.

As usual, we wander. Anecdotes abound.

Thanks for listening.

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