Of Mooks and Monsters 118 Keeping Games Fresh


This week, Rob and Tim discuss ways to reinvigorate your games.

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Of Mooks and Monsters 59 – Writing Your Own Rules


Hey everyone, Tim here.

This week on Of Mooks and Monsters, Rob and I discuss one of my favorite parts of game mastering: writing new rules.

As usual, we wander. Anecdotes abound.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 56 – Recruiting Players Part 2


This week, we conclude Rob and Tim’s conversation about adding new players to your gaming group.


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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 43 – Settling Disputes


This week, Of Mooks and Monsters is back.

Rob and Tim discuss the means of settling player disputes as a game master.

In other news, Tim has three giveaways going. Each one is the fresh opening of a novel in progress. Check them out at the links below.

White Curtain

The Mangrove Suite

Temple Theater

Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 22 – One Shots


This week, Rob and Tim explore the world of single-session RPGs.

It’s a wild and wooly subject, and we brainstorm a lot this time around.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 18 – BRP



This week on, Of Mooks & Monsters, Rob and Tim discuss one of our favorite game systems, Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying.


On a technical note, the website and feed gave us some trouble recently, which is why the show was delayed. Everything should be better now.

Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 16 – The Big Event


The showdown. The tense mission. The battle.

Drama. Action.

Sometimes roleplaying sessions center around big events.

This week, Rob and Tim discuss when, why, and how to run these big events as a game master.

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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 11 – Playing Characters


This week, Rob and Tim discuss a subject that will frequently embarrass Tim. How does one play all the characters as a GM in an RPG?

Well, Rob is our expert here at Of Mooks & Monsters, so enjoy as he teaches the ‘ahem’ other cohost a thing or two about characters.


Oh, and now you can reach us at podcast (at) mentalcellarpublications (dot) com

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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 10 – Natural Resources


This week, Rob and Tim delve into one of the geekiest subjects yet: Natural Resources in RPGs.

This subject may sound overly deep but we go through a lot of examples and practical reasons GMs should think about the economic connections in their game worlds.

Of MooksAnd Monsters - hq Resized

Currently, this episode is also available on iTunes. Let us know where else we should be if you like.

And remember what the drink synthesizer said in Hitchhiker’s Guide.

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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 8 – Actors and Writers



This week, Rob and Tim discuss the differences and similarities in game mastering styles between actors and writers.

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