Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 50 – Mammalia Actual Play Part 2


It’s been about a year since the podcast began! Welcome to episode 50!

This week on Of Mooks and Monsters, Rob and Tim continue the actual play of Mammalia. Peter Ganges has a deal to make at the hotel, but dangerous animals are on the way.

Rob Ward runs. Tim Niederriter plays.

Tim’s new novel, “Soul Art” is up for preorder today. Check it out here, there, and everywhere.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 29 – Tenlyres Actual Play Special


We have a big show for you this week, folks.

Tim’s novel, Tenlyres is out for preorder (And paperback) right now, and in honor of that, enjoy this game set in the Tenlyres world. (Amazon)

But that’s not all! This game session features the talents of not only Rob Ward as a player, but also three special guests.

James Silverstein (Author and badass)

Denise Lhamon (Author and Illustrator)

And Dave Robison (@WritersPodcast on twitter, creator of the Roundtable Podcast, as well as many other fabulous things)

Together, we five plunged into this game and for a few hours managed to hold back the tide of war… and had a really good time.

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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 23 – Hacking Systems


In this week’s episode, Of Mooks & Monstes delves into the ways Rob and Tim have customized and kit-bashed different systems for roleplaying games.

We babble, we chatter, and we talk about BRP and Risus Hack

Stay tuned at the end for a bit about the direction we’re thinking of taking the podcast in the near future.

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Find Rob on Twitter. @Stagehat

Or find Tim on Twitter. @TNiederriter

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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 20 – Mutants and Masterminds


Today, Of Mooks & Monsters returns with another in our series on different systems.

Today is one of Tim’s personal favorites, Mutants and Masterminds, a superhero system by Green Ronin.

So, join Rob and Tim for a discussion on the pros and cons of a superhero system that can be used for so much more.

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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 11 – Playing Characters


This week, Rob and Tim discuss a subject that will frequently embarrass Tim. How does one play all the characters as a GM in an RPG?

Well, Rob is our expert here at Of Mooks & Monsters, so enjoy as he teaches the ‘ahem’ other cohost a thing or two about characters.


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