Alive After Reading takes this week off

Hey everyone. Due to some scheduling issues, I don’t have an episode of the podcast for you this Sunday. My apologies. I will definitely have one out next week.

Thanks for listening.

Alive After Reading Episode 50 – Joseph Bendoski

Of Mooks and Monsters
Alive After Reading Episode 50 - Joseph Bendoski

This week, Alive After Reading is back with an interview featuring fellow author and podcaster, Joseph Bendoski.

Check out his website here.

And follow his Start Writing Podcast here.

Thanks for listening!

Meta News Podcast RPG


Hey everyone, the site is working again!

While this place was having technical difficulties I created a new place where soon you will be able to listen to every episode in Of Mooks & Monsters, and eventually read articles about Game Mastering.

Once everything is running smoothly there, this site will only link to the podcast site and will return to being a place primarily for my fiction.

For now, though, I will be putting up the latest episodes of the podcast on both sites.

Thank you for your patience.

Here is It’s still wet behind the ears but should work more reliably.

Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 1 – Systems


In this first episode of the podcast, Rob Ward and Tim Niederriter discuss RPG systems they have run and what they want to do for games in the future.

Lore of the Worlds #2

Of Mooks and Monsters
Lore of the Worlds #2

Second episode of a series about the world of Tenlyres. This one features weapon bonds and a bit more casual of an attitude. Tenlyres fiction-chapters return tomorrow