Alive After Reading Episode 13 – Claire and Kate Everward

Of Mooks and Monsters
Of Mooks and Monsters
Alive After Reading Episode 13 - Claire and Kate Everward

Today on Alive After Reading, Tim interviews Claire and Kate, the Everward sisters from

Claire writes suspense novels, including the recent Oracle’s Hunt, and Kate manages and publicizes her sister’s books.

They and their mother are currently trying to immigrate to Canada. Read more about their story on their website. Please, help them however you can.

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Alive After Reading Episode 1 – Konn Lavery

Of Mooks and Monsters
Of Mooks and Monsters
Alive After Reading Episode 1 - Konn Lavery

Hello, friends! Welcome to the inaugural episode of Alive After Reading. Please do not mind the unicorn skulls.

Today Tim interviews Konn Lavery, a graphic designer, and author of dark fantasy, including the soon-to-be-released second edition of “Mental Damnation: Reality.”

This is interview was a ton of fun. Share and enjoy!

Check out Konn’s work on Amazon!

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 19 – Interview with Dave Robison



Today, on Of Mooks and Monsters, Tim talks to a living legend of the podosphere about Game Mastering.

Dave Robison is the host of the Roundtable Podcast, Vice President of The Ed Greenwood Group, and a fantastic individual with a lot of experiences to share.

Tim forgot to record an actual interview, so stay tuned through the promo for Dave’s podcast and enjoy the interview.

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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 12 – Interview with Terry Mixon


Hello, everyone!

Rob Ward is offline this week, so we have an interview where Tim talks to an old-school game master.

Terry Mixon is the author of the Empire of Bones Saga, the Humanity Unlimited Saga, and the newly launched Fractured Republic Saga. He is one of the cohosts of the Dead Robots’ Society podcast, a veteran, and also a veteran game master.

By Terry’s books on

Tim asks all kind of questions to get at the core of what makes a game master tick.

Promo this week is for Necropolis, the new book by James Silverstein (Another veteran game master and friend of the show). Check that book out here.

Sit back, relax if you can, and give us a listen.

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Tim Niederriter’s books are also available. Check out Rem’s Dream today.

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