Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 57 – Joe and Tim Brainstorm


This week with your awesome regular co-host, Rob Ward, busy acting his face off, Tim has enlisted his twin brother, Joe Niederriter to guest in this session-brainstorming episode.

Check out Tim’s free works on instafreebie.com when you have time.

As Joe will tell you in the episode, you can get the cream of the best of the fiction Tim has made lately by buying one of Tim’s newest books, The Mangrove Suite, and Soul Art, today!

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Alive After Reading Episode 18 – Dave Robison

Alive After Reading
Alive After Reading
Alive After Reading Episode 18 - Dave Robison

Alive After Reading returns this week for a sterling interview with the mighty podcaster and creative giant, Dave Robison.

We talk game design, stories, and Dave’s latest labor of love: Archivos.

I could go on and try to describe Archivos, but Dave is far more eloquent than I am in this regard. It’s a major focus of this episode.

Dave is a good friend of the show, but in case you have not listened to his wonderful podcast, Archivos Brainstorms, check it out here.

I’m Tim Niederriter, and you can find my latest novel, “Soul Art” wherever ebooks are sold. You can download my free samples or even the complete novel Rem’s Dream on instafreebie.com.

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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 10 – Natural Resources


This week, Rob and Tim delve into one of the geekiest subjects yet: Natural Resources in RPGs.

This subject may sound overly deep but we go through a lot of examples and practical reasons GMs should think about the economic connections in their game worlds.

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Currently, this episode is also available on iTunes. Let us know where else we should be if you like.

And remember what the drink synthesizer said in Hitchhiker’s Guide.

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