Alive After Reading Episode 45 – Doc Coleman

Of Mooks and Monsters
Of Mooks and Monsters
Alive After Reading Episode 45 - Doc Coleman

Welcome back to Alive After Reading, dear listeners.

With me on this one is Doc¬† Coleman, author of the steampunk novel The Perils of Prague. It’s a fun conversation, and I hope you’ll enjoy it and want to check out Doc’s work. I found it intriguing.

I want to offer special condolences to the friends and family of a veteran podcaster and author, Justin Macumber, who passed away in January. His books are excellent, the Dead Robots’ Society Podcast he founded and ran for years is a big influence on this show, as well as on countless other creators. Pick up his fiction on or wherever else you can find it. You won’t be disappointed.

My own fiction is available through as well. Pre-order my latest novel, The Cleanway today and get the 99 cent price guarantee.

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Thanks for listening!