Alive After Reading Episode 9 – Neil Enock

Of Mooks and Monsters
Of Mooks and Monsters
Alive After Reading Episode 9 - Neil Enock

This week on Alive After Reading, Tim talks with author, actor, filmmaker and inventor, Neil Enock.

The focus is on Neil’s books but check out all the places you can find him and his work below.

As of the posting of this podcast, there is still time to back Neil’s kickstarter for wristrack. ┬áCheck out Neil’s books, “Mayan: Atlantis Returns,” and “Doc Christmas: The Magic of Trains” at

Check out Tim’s books on Or sample his work for free at instafreebie.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 27 – Interview with Jim Ryan


Hello, everyone!

In this week’s episode, Tim talks to game master, podcaster, actor, and writer, Jim Ryan.

Find Jim out on the web and check out some of his podcasts.


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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 8 – Actors and Writers



This week, Rob and Tim discuss the differences and similarities in game mastering styles between actors and writers.

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