Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 71 – Engaging the Audience

Of Mooks and Monsters
Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 71 - Engaging the Audience

This time on Of Mooks and Monsters, Rob is running the show again, and we talk about how to read your audience to make a game everyone can enjoy.

And in this case, audience means players. The two have some parallels and some differences.

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Alive After Reading Episode 9 – Neil Enock

Of Mooks and Monsters
Alive After Reading Episode 9 - Neil Enock

This week on Alive After Reading, Tim talks with author, actor, filmmaker and inventor, Neil Enock.

The focus is on Neil’s books but check out all the places you can find him and his work below.

As of the posting of this podcast, there is still time to back Neil’s kickstarter for wristrack. ¬†Check out Neil’s books, “Mayan: Atlantis Returns,” and “Doc Christmas: The Magic of Trains” at Amazon.com.

Check out Tim’s books on Amazon.com. Or sample his work for free at instafreebie.

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Of Mooks & Monsters Episode 11 – Playing Characters


This week, Rob and Tim discuss a subject that will frequently embarrass Tim. How does one play all the characters as a GM in an RPG?

Well, Rob is our expert here at Of Mooks & Monsters, so enjoy as he teaches the ‘ahem’ other cohost a thing or two about characters.


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