Alive After Reading

0Alive After Reading is a podcast where an author talks to other writers.

One part interview.

One part water-cooler conversation.

This show is dedicated to illuminating writers, both known and unknown, to new readers.

Listen to this show if you want to learn about awesome authors and the books they make.

New Episodes each Sunday.

Past Episodes

Episode 1 Konn Lavery

Episode 2 Alexander Verbeek

Episode 3 Scott Roche

Episode 4 KJ Howe

Episode 5 John Walker

Episode 6 J Daniel Sawyer

Episode 7 Terry Mixon

Episode 8 Zig Zag Claybourne

Episode 9 Neil Enock

Episode 10  Suzy Vadori

Episode 11 Valerie Ford

Episode 12 Michael Bergonzi

Episode 13 Claire and Kate Everward

Episode 14 Christy Shorey

Episode 15 J.R. Murdock

Episode 16 G.W. Renshaw

Episode 17 M.F. Wahl

Episode 18 Dave Robison

Episode 19 Skyler White

Episode 20 Lex Grootelaar

Episode 21 A. G. Kirkham

Episode 22 Soul Art Reading

Episode 23 Writing Advice