Alive After Reading 123 J Daniel Sawyer


This week, J Daniel Sawyer returns the podcast! Click that name to check out his website.

Dan is a great talker, writer, podcaster, and full of all kinds of knowledge. Check out his podcast, The Every Day Novelist and send him some questions to keep that show rolling. This podcast is a favorite of Tim’s, so if you’re a writer you’ll definitely get a lot out of it.

That said, one correction: Dan talked about reading The Lucifer Principle by Harold Bloom in the episode, mentioning he died a couple of weeks ago. While Harold Bloom did die a couple of weeks ago, HOWARD Bloom did not, and he is the author of The Lucifer Principle. Apologies. Dyslexia is a hell of a thing.

Love epic fantasy? Tim’s first novel in the genre is out and about! Read Demon Scroll today!

Thanks for listening!

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