Alive After Reading Episode 47 – Charles Shingledecker

Alive After Reading is back with a new interview!

Charles Shingledecker is an author, photographer, and theologian. Check out his theology books here, while we all wait for his fantasy works to finally see daylight.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 81 – Savage Worlds Actual Play 4

Welcome back to mine and Rob’s Savage Worlds campaign! We’re getting deep. Another battle is nigh!

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Alive After Reading Episode 46 – Jonathan Zerrusen

Welcome back to Alive After Reading!

This week, I talk with fellow writer and Dead Robots’s Society fan, Jonathan Zerrusen. We cover a lot of subjects about books and stories.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 80 – Savage Worlds Actual Play 3

We are back! And the wait will be worth it for you listeners, I think.

Rob plays.

I run.

It’s Savage Worlds in a game about gladiatorial combat in a hidden city. I ethink you’ll enjoy the hijinks and madness.

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Alive After Reading Episode 45 – Doc Coleman

Welcome back to Alive After Reading, dear listeners.

With me on this one is Doc  Coleman, author of the steampunk novel The Perils of Prague. It’s a fun conversation, and I hope you’ll enjoy it and want to check out Doc’s work. I found it intriguing.

I want to offer special condolences to the friends and family of a veteran podcaster and author, Justin Macumber, who passed away in January. His books are excellent, the Dead Robots’ Society Podcast he founded and ran for years is a big influence on this show, as well as on countless other creators. Pick up his fiction on or wherever else you can find it. You won’t be disappointed.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 79 – Making Stuff Up

Welcome back to Of Mooks and Monsters, folks!

Rob and I are back, talking about creativity and making things up as game masters.

We ramble and brainstorm and offer advice.

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Alive After Reading Episode 44 – Alexander Verbeek Returns

This week on Alive After Reading I have a returning guest, Alexander Verbeek.

For those not familiar, Alexander is a fantasy writer aiming for traditional publication, an extremely fast rough drafter, and a meticulous self-editor.

We talk the usual books and process.

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Of Mooks and Monsters Episode 78 – World Backstory

We return, as zombies from the grave, dear listener!

In this episode of the podcast, Rob and I discuss world backstory and how to apply your creativity toward exploring the world, what pitfalls to avoid, and all the other good stuff.

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Alive After Reading Episode 43 – Nicko Kim

This week on Alive After Reading, I talk with a poet in the form of my old friend, Nicko Kim. We talk confidence and self-transformation.

Have I mentioned the pre-order for The Cleanway, book two of the Clean series, is live now? Well, it is, and it’s gonna be great to read on February 13th 2018. Click here and pre-order!

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