The Pillar Universe

Space opera unlike any ever before imagined before!

Dive into the Pillar Universe and begin Yajain’s journey.

Yajain’s struggles to leave her past behind lead her to the frontier as a scientist. When disastrous storms strike the outskirts of human space an image of her first love draws her to join the rescue fleet as a medic.

A criminal inciting rebellion, the boy she cared for becomes a storm in her mind. His mysteries only grow the farther she flies.

On her hunt for answers, Yajain will contend with dangers greater than any she imagined. Monsters, rebels, and storm winds threaten the fleet. Can she brave all to hunt him down?

Storm Fleet is the first book in a new space opera series for readers of Lois McMaster Bujold. Discover a universe unlike any other and a journey of epic proportions. Read and enjoy!

Storms outside fuel the tempest within.

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Book 2: Flame Wind

Book 3: Ice War