The Root Conspiracy

Aliens with the power to impart psychic ability rule humanity in the near future.

Humans who overdose can be cleaned, having all their memories removed.

But can they get those memories back?


Memory Lost

A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

Jethro Gall thought he would never see his first love again after the two of them moved to the eastern city. He definitely never expected to find her with her memories erased. Humans reduced to mindless slaves by the aliens that rule humanity, are known as cleans. They can be bought and sold.

A quest for love becomes a hunt for the truth, with greater peril than can be imagined.

Without your memories, who are you?


Available Stories of the Root Conspiracy Series


Memory Lost

Mind Chase

Image Storm

Cell Cycle


Get Memory Lost, Mind Chase, Image Storm, and Cell Cycle in one volume. Clean: The Root Conspiracy.

The Root Conspiracy is a prelude to the upcoming Edgework series.