Ilsa Barrett travels to the great plateau where she was born. To passersby, she appears to be a mercenary, bonded to a series of firearms she can summon at will, and come to fight in the war brewing between her home city of Dal and the city on the other side of the plateau. They are wrong.

The Plateau of Yr is the site of ten monumental structures, musical instruments grown from granite. These instruments are called the Tenlyres and are spread across the central region of the plateau.

Nomadic tribes still ride between these immense structures, raiding the villages of native farmer peoples.

In the west of the plateau, the great city-state of Dal has formed alliances to protect itself from the rival city-state of Chogrum, located on the eastern part of the plateau. Though a huge area of steppe-land separates them, the two cities are on the precipice of war. The Kingdom of Ayoch, located in the green lands west of Dal, fans these flames. The royals of Ayoch hope to gain the Tenlyres for themselves through their alliance with Dal.

In this dangerously charged atmosphere, a woman returns home to Dal. It appears she wants to visit her mentally disturbed mother, but not all is what it seems.

Ilsa Barrett is a dishonored priestess, and has worked as a mercenary in distant lands for years, but she and her gregarious psychic partner, known only as Blue, have a mission to prevent a disaster. Tasked with rescuing a nomadic leader, Ilsa and Blue ride east across the plateau.

But the forces of Ayoch are on the move. Ilsa and Blue will need more than speed and courage to outrace them across Tenlyres.

The mysterious monuments called the Ten Lyres have seen much bloodshed before, but is more inevitable?

There’s nowhere to hide on the plateau.

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Thes serial has been removed because Tenlyres is now available in ebook. Keep your eyes peeled for more in the Bondmage world.