Welcome to my growing catalog of books and series. My name is Tim Niederriter (Pronounced Need a Writer. Convenient!), and I write fantasy and speculative fiction of forms both romantic and adventurous, as well as often dark and suspenseful.

Below are the cover of my currently available books and links to where you can acquire and read them.

If you want to try some of my fiction for free, sign up to my email list here to read my Demon Hunter short story “The Crimson Suitor,” or you can dive into one of my novels if one of them jumps out to you. It’s all your choice. I’m not going to jump out of the screen at you.

More books and short stories are on the way, and they’ll appear here when they launch.

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My Books and Short Stories

I have a story launching with Kindle Vella as well. The link is in the image below. “Warrior Online” is available now!